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This guide will help you learn more about the platform and its features.
FinAlyzer is Digital Platform for Financial Consolidation, Closure, Analytics & Reporting.
CFO’s, Financial Controllers & Financial Analysts will find FinAlyzer useful for their financial close & reporting requirements. FinAlyzer is especially useful for organizations that are either multi-entity, multi-segment or have multi-reporting requirements.
A multiple entity organization is one that have one or more subsidiaries, affiliates and associates.
Organizations that have multiple cost-centers/profit-centers, i.e. branches, service lines, product lines, projects, regions etc.
Organizations requirement of report at different levels like Management financial reporting, Investor reporting, statutory financial reporting etc. FinAlyzer supports IFRS, US-GAAP, In-GAAP, IndAS etc. Any other local statutory reporting formats can be supported through simple configuration.
BI tools are designed for transactional data reporting. They do not address the processes around financial consolidation & reporting.
FinAlyzer is Fast to implement, Cost-effective & Easy to learn and use. FinAlyzer provides out-of-the-box management reports, dashboards & statutory reports. It’s simple & intuitive interface makes it easy for business users to use & customize FinAlyzer as per their requirements. Its 100% configurable, there is no ongoing dependence on IT teams. The total cost of ownership of FinAlyzer is just 20%-30% of other enterprise performance management solutions.
FinAlyzer reduces the financial close, consolidation & reporting cycles by as much as 65% to 85%. The reports & dashboards are accurate, flexible and are accessible from anywhere in the globe. It significantly reduces compliance risk. Faster monthly close, means there is more time to analyze the reports and take timely action.
The time taken to implement is a function of the size & complexity of the organization & their requirements. A typical implementation cycle for a mid-sized organization with about 10 entities for consolidation will be around 6 to 8 weeks.
FinAlyzer is available on a subscription based SAAS model on AWS cloud. FinAlyzer can also be provided on a virtual private cloud server or at the client’s on premise infrastructure.

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