Engineered for Accuracy & High Performance

Framework Pillars

Premium Usability

Our focus is to make your work simpler and faster. We invest in learning continuously through research and our clients, to make the process of reporting better for you each passing day.

High Performance

Our architecture design takes into account real-time reporting and can deliver the demands of high volumes of data, complex calculations & the future scalability needs of your business.

High Reliability

Every aspect of engineering, like data integrity, the accuracy of reporting, platform availability, back up & recovery has been factored to keep your business always running.

Highly Secure

Our robust security framework enables multi-layered security viz. user access & entitlements, application component security & infrastructure security. The platform provides digital access points for ease of integration.


FinAlyzer is designed for business users, based on the principle of 100% configuration & 0% code change. Without the intervention of technology teams, end-users can themselves handle changes to business rules, reporting presentation, chart of account groupings, or allocation rules.

Unified Platform

FinAlyzer offers complete package of Functional & Technology features all integrated in 1 digital platform to deliver your reporting needs.