With FinAlyzer, spend more time on analysis and less time on data preparation

FinAlyzer is a unified platform for automation of all aspects of management & statutory financial consolidation & reporting

Implementing FinAlyzer takes less than half the time and a fraction of the cost compared to traditional EPM solutions.

FinAlyzer helps reduce consolidation cycle by over 75%, thereby enabling you to focus more time on analysis, strategy and decision making.

Statutory Financial Consolidation and Reporting

Financial Consolidation Features

Multi-GAAP (IFRS, US-GAAP, IndAS, local GAAP)

IFRS, US-GAAP, In-GAAP, IndAS & other local statutory reporting through simple configuration. Map GL accounts to a common reporting chart of accounts for standardized reporting across the organization irrespective of underlying ERP/accounting systems.

Multi-Level, Multi Currency Consolidation

Complex multi-level hierarchies in different currencies and alternate reporting hierachies can be easily consolidated with a single click. Consolidate, translate & report foreign currency in accordance with latest standards, and with complete audit trail.

Inter Company Elimination

Automate inter-company eliminations and time-consuming inter-company reconciliations. A special type of triangulation rate called 'transaction rate' can also be used to make it easier to reconcile inter-company transactions across different currencies.


Seamless handling of different currencies across entities & generation of Foreign Currency Translation Reserves (FCTR) using Average, End of Period or Historic rates.

Automatic Casting

Automatic casting feature eliminates pains of manually fixing rounding off errors, each time there are adjustments / changes to financial numbers.

Minority Interests

Minority Interest calculation & reporting in the BS / PL statements is simplified and automated.

Notes to Accounts

Include Notes to Accounts to your statutory financial statement reports set up in Finalyzer, making it quicker to finalize and close.

Powerful Excel Add-Ins

With powerful excel add-ins, you can do so much more directly from an excel spreadsheet, viz. passing journal entries, uploading non trial balance data, updating financial report template, validating the report file etc.

Journal Entries / Book Keeping

Post journal entries, reclassifications, goodwill and minority interest calculations spanning multiple levels of consolidation and currencies. Manage multiple financial periods and creation of unlimited scenarios (actual, budget, forecast, movement etc).

Schedule Reporting

Schedule level data uploads and automatic roll-ups to the level of trial balance, enables powerful reporting with insights and drill-down.

Print Ready Financial Statements

Reports configured exactly as per auditor provided financial report formats including schedules & non-financial information using sophisticated excel add-ins that dynamically synchronize with FinAlyzer server data.

Audit Packs

Audit Packs provide full lineage of data from source trial balance to end financial reports. Corporate lock helps you freeze books once numbers are finalized. Role based access drives strong controls that are augmented by audit logs.

Management Consolidation & Reporting Features

Financial Dashboards

Plug & play, out of the box rich financial dashboards provide dynamic visuals and ability to compare performance across multiple entities, periods, currencies, scenarios, business units, service/product lines etc.

Operational Dashboards

Bring operational data like employee, project data etc. and seamlessly build great executive dashboards with combination of financial and operational data. Dashboards can also be exported to excel / pdf's for distribution.

KPI & Performance Metrics

Easily analyse corporate performance using key performance indicators, trends, drill-downs & variances. Get alerted on misses and take timely action. Use existing library of KPI's or configure custom KPI's on demand.

Intuitive Analytics & Drilldowns

Reports provide slicing & dicing through dimensions & click-through drill-downs that help analyze data more accurately up to general ledger account level data or operational data for each entity from management reports to statutory financial reports.

Allocation Rules Management

Allocate costs accurately with a flexible allocation engine with configurable rules that supports any methodology for allocation, thus enabling rich profitability & cost analysis by various business segments

Dynamic Visualization

Slice & dice dashboard visuals to help you analyze data points at granular level. Enable custom filters and change dashboard visuals based on the reporting purpose and elements.

Alerts & Notifications

Manage Alerts for KPI's and notify users with relevant updates. Combine these with multiple periods to get historical performance trends.

Budgets & Forecasts

Track Budgets v/s Actuals v/s Forecasts at entity level or profit & cost center level. Drilldown to analyze the key business drivers. Define multiple budget scenarios to address dynamically changing business environment

Segment wise reports

Rich profitability & cost analysis by various business segments. Identifying attributes of profitability with multi-dimensional analysis for better alignment of resource, cost drivers & strategically improve product and customer segmentation.

How It Works

Dashboards at a Glance