CFO Engage Summit held in Bengaluru

FinAlyzer participates in CFO Engage Summit-Bengaluru

CFO Engage Summit held in Bengaluru provided insights how the role of a CFO is expanding, which at times encompasses technology, risk compliance, cybersecurity, digital transformation, big data and analytics and more.

The industrial thought leaders discussed on how Indian CFO’s are preparing their team for a ‘future-ready’ finance function.
FinAlyzer is being used for management reporting & dash-boarding that helps organisations monitor their financial health and take timely business decisions. The tool provides intuitive dashboards and management reports reports through a set of KPI’s, alerts, early warnings, trend analysis, actual vs plan, P&L, BS, Cash Flows & consolidation across entities.

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Segment Reporting

Beyond the Tangled Mess: Unlocking Clarity in Segment Reporting with Automation

A chance encounter with the CFO of a mid-tier retail company during one of my travels earlier in the month to Mumbai, and my discussions with her, as we waited to board our flight, took me down memory lane.
To my summer vacations, as a kid, to be precise.
As I savoured those memories, I was woken up and realized that one of the games had a rather stunning parallel with something that CFOs struggle with – Segment Reporting.
I attempt, in this write up to blend both together.

Finance transformation

What are the objectives of Finance Transformation?

Today’s business landscape demands agility and data-driven decisions. Yet, many finance departments remain bogged down by manual processes and outdated systems. This is where Finance Transformation comes in. It’s a strategic approach to modernize finance functions, leveraging technology and streamlining processes. By automating tasks, gaining real-time insights, and aligning finance with overall strategy, businesses unlock a world of possibilities: faster decision-making, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge.

Enterprise Performance Management

Navigating Fiscal Prudence Enterprise Performance Management Strategies for Post-VC Funding Founders

Securing funding from a venture capitalist (VC) is a significant milestone for any startup founder. It marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with exciting opportunities for growth and innovation.
A surge in funding is a double-edged sword – it offers opportunities, but also underscores the need for strategic financial prudence.
And that is where Enterprise Performance Management comes in.