FinAlyzer unveils pathbreaking Related Party Transactions Reporting Module

FinAlyzer - Related Party Transactions (RPTs) module
FinAlyzer® has officially launched its state-of-the-art Related Party Module, aimed at transforming how the office of the CFO manages, reports, and analyzes Related Party Transactions.

FinAlyzer® has launched its advanced financial reporting platform, revolutionizing how CFOs manage, report, and analyze Related Party Transactions (RPTs). Developed to address challenges highlighted in a recent survey, FinAlyzer ensures compliance, mitigates risks, and enhances efficiency in RPT management.

Key features include a centralized database for related party information, customizable reports for regulatory compliance, seamless integration for transaction data, and comprehensive identification and categorization of related parties.

Leadership at FinAlyzer emphasizes the platform’s impact, with CEO Venkatachalam PK highlighting its efficiency and clarity, Co-Founder Karthik Ganeshan underscoring its streamlined approach, and CDO Kishor Tilokani emphasizing its empowerment of CFOs with real-time insights and flexibility.

FinAlyzer leads financial reporting innovation, offering solutions for financial close, consolidation, and analytics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, FinAlyzer delivers automation, accuracy, and actionable insights, transforming enterprise reporting management into a strategic advantage. 

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