Venkatachalam P.K. has been awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023” by the CEO Magazine – India

Venkatachalam PK - CEO - FinAlyzer
Venkatachalam PK, CEO of FinAlyzer awarded "Entrepreneur of the year 2023" Award by CEO Magazine India.

Venkatachalam PK, CEO of FinAlyzer awarded “Entrepreneur of the year 2023” Award by CEO Magazine India.

We, at team FinAlyzer are pleased to announce that our CEO, Venkatachalam P.K. has been recognized amongst the list of “Entrepreneurs of the Year 2023” by the The CEO Magazine – India in the business category “Enterprise Statutory Compliance and Reporting”.

Congratulations Venkat, on this fabulous achievement.

Given below is the link to the interview with Venkat in which he talks about how our journey began, the challenges along the way and how the team rallied together, the role of mentors in his career and his advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Click here to read the interview

Thank you, The CEO Magazine – India, for acknowledging the hard work that goes into making FinAlyzer a success.

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