Driving digital transformation for Finance and Accounting function for 10 yrs

Financial Consolidation
10 wonderful years of driving digital transformation for the Finance and Accounting function.

10 wonderful years of driving digital transformation for the Finance and Accounting function….and we have just begun…

Deep from our hearts, we appreciate all our employees for making BeyondSquare & FinAlyzer team a great place to work that drives innovation.

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Why CFOs drown in Information

Why CFOs drown in Information yet thirst for Insights

As someone who leads a team working closely with CFOs and other Finance Leaders, we are wedded to empowering finance leaders drive sustainable growth and financial resilience. We see a massive paradox at the heart of the modern CFO’s role. On one hand, they’re inundated with a tidal wave of data – financial transactions, customer behavior, market trends, the list goes on. On the other hand, many CFOs struggle to truly analyze this data, extracting the actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making.

Data-Driven Approach to Automation

The CFO’s Automation Catch-22: Navigating the Labyrinth to Unlock Strategic value

In today’s era of digital disruption, CFOs find themselves grappling with a unique Catch-22: automation.
On the surface, automation beckons like a shimmering oasis – a land of streamlined processes, reduced errors, liberated resources, and a newfound focus on strategic analysis. Who wouldn’t want that for their finance function?
Yet, the path to this utopia is fraught with its own set of challenges. Upfront costs, potential resistance to change, and the ever-present fear of unintended consequences loom large.

Segment Reporting

Beyond the Tangled Mess: Unlocking Clarity in Segment Reporting with Automation

A chance encounter with the CFO of a mid-tier retail company during one of my travels earlier in the month to Mumbai, and my discussions with her, as we waited to board our flight, took me down memory lane.
To my summer vacations, as a kid, to be precise.
As I savoured those memories, I was woken up and realized that one of the games had a rather stunning parallel with something that CFOs struggle with – Segment Reporting.
I attempt, in this write up to blend both together.