CFO Story Forum- Stories Beyond Numbers

The ‘CFO Story Forum- Stories Beyond Numbers’ held on the 8th of July at Hebbal, Bengaluru was special in two ways.

We at @FinAlyzer have always been at the forefront of working very closely with CFO’s in their journey to help their businesses thrive. When the opportunity arose to be partners of the CFO Story Forum event, organized under the aegis of Competitors View, there was no way we would let go of the opportunity.
CFO’s today are operating in a world that is getting increasingly complex and that complexity has made the CFO’s role varied too. They are today expected to straddle diverse boats – ensuring financial reporting and statutory compliance, influencing operational decision making, strategically challenging the business using financial data, and driving business transformation.
How are the CFO’s delivering to these expectations? 
What are their plans to get better to surpass these expectations?
The ‘CFO Story Forum- Stories Beyond Numbers’ on the 8th of July at Hebbal, Bengaluru provided a wonderful insight into the plans and strategies that CFO’s and Finance Experts are working on to enhance the capabilities and efficiencies of their Finance Transformation journey, fueled by Digitization. Immersive case studies, discussions, and panel debates made the day insightful and memorable.
It was also a day where we got wind of a secret that most people do not know about CFO’s – they are good storytellers.
And the sheer joy of engaging in person rather than online, which we guess is a secret we all know about.

Manya Singhania & Shriya Fathwani, thank you for the opportunity, and congratulations on a well-orchestrated event.

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